Good Morning Good Evening Time


Good Morning time slot

​general gesture used ​leaving, the ending note ​

​• While leaving: Good Night​

​leaving, the ending note ​

​, ​
​at 10 PM. It is a ​When you are ​

​• Wish: good evening​

​When you are ​Text from websites: ​a good evening ​

​Hi, Good evening, Tom.​

Good Afternoon time slot

​5:59 AM​Hi, Good afternoon, Albert.​

​to goodbye.​

​Yes, you should wish ​

​a person:​
​• Time: 8 PM to ​a person: ​

​conversation. Good night refers ​

​Good night, Tom.​When you meet ​Bye, Albert. ​

​When you meet ​

Good Evening time slot 

​to initiate a ​should be:​


​should be:​

​E.g. ​
​Good bye, Tom. ​a person: ​

​5 PM​

​When you are ​• While leaving: Good-Bye​• While leaving: Good-Bye​

​should be:​

Good Night time slot

​When you meet ​• Time: 12 PM to ​

​Hi, Good morning, Tom.​

​• Wish: good morning​

​• Wish: good Evening​
​leaving, the ending note ​E.g. ​

​Good bye, Tom.​

​a person: ​11: 59 AM​7:59 PM​

​When you are ​

Frequently Asked Questions?

​• While leaving: Good-Bye​should be:​When you meet ​• Time: 6 AM to ​• Time: 5 PM to ​Hi, Good afternoon, Tom.​• Wish: good Afternoon​

​leaving, the ending note ​
​E.g. ​