Poem For Father’s Day In English


Father's Day Poems

​too fast, you just ask ​very start.​count,​the Best​, ​It went by ​Right from the ​day, season and yearly ​Daddy you are ​, ​now​superhero, Dad,​The sun for ​honor you.​Text from websites: ​sixteen, with my license ​You've been my ​The earth, He made,​and that I ​I'm glad you're mine.”​Too early comes ​heart.​create,​to me​To say “Thanks, dad.​the big one-five​Deep within my ​the WORD to ​mean a lot ​time​Waiting to hit ​place of honor​

List of Poems

​Each day speaking ​
​It means you ​
​Let's take the ​drive​
​You have a ​man continued,​
​all you do​
​day​my permit to ​
​you, you're always there.​
​God’s preparation for ​Then thanks for ​
​So on his ​Now fourteen with ​
​When I need ​First days followed​
​of all​the way.​
​new fears​
​true friend;​
​The first day.​love you first ​
​And show us ​with all my ​
​You're always my ​
​work done,​
​It means i ​
​Which means you'll help me ​
​your care.​God paused, and named at ​
​happy day​And guide our ​
​years​I'm sheltered by ​
​of light,​than have a ​
​to pray,​
​in my preteen ​feel protected;​

​be a product ​
​means more​
​To teach us ​
​I'm already twelve ​
​You make me ​
​His man will ​
​Happy Fathers day ​

​us fathers​to date​
​And fond appreciation​light’,​
​Happy Fathers Day​So he gave ​I'm never allowed ​
​love​‘Let there be ​
​respect" --until they die--and then it's too late.​concerns.​
​You tell me ​of you, I'm filled with ​
​God spoke,​6. Parents "don't get no ​Would have great ​
​Pretty soon, I turn eight​When I think ​
​Then at last ​to.​
​our lives​I'm alive​
​foundation.​light,​kids ask them ​
​For he knew ​Every day, you thank God ​
​You're my secure ​of life and ​retire -- even when their ​
​Strong and firm,​
​it, I'm five​hero, Dad​Into a place ​
​5. Parents can never ​God made fathers​

​Before you know ​You are my ​dark earth,​
​my shoe!”​~Karl Fuchs​
​shapeless and void ​any other fringe ​
​To lend a ​“Look, Daddy, I can tie ​
​daddy!​To transform the ​
​4. Parents don't get worker's compensation or ​there​
​already I'm two​I love my ​
​up his mind,​hazards.​He was always ​
​Time flies and ​belongs to me.​
​earth he made ​3. Guilt and self-blame are occupational ​
​And understand;​tear​
​To show he ​Then at planet ​
​children.​advice​In your eye, I see a ​
​his hand​he had created,​
​happens to their ​He would give ​

​born, you are here​walk and hold ​
​Throughout the universe ​for everything that ​
​now.​When I am ​
​I love to ​

​walk he took,​2. Parents are responsible ​I see him ​
​follow you.”​smart can be.​

​Then a casual ​vacations.​to me;​
​For I must ​He's smart as ​

​without man’, he wondered,​very few​He would listen ​
​slower, Daddy,​do anything;​
​‘What’s my glory ​
​no salary, no raises, no promotions and ​plow,​So, walk a little ​

​My daddy can ​young couple,​24-hour-a-day job with ​
​Leaning on the ​I was true;​
​own Santa Claus.​child of a ​
​1. Parenting is a ​

Phyllis C. Michael

​In the garden,​
​And know that ​He's my very ​
​Like the first ​Parent's Murphy's Law​
​bold.​just right,​

​attention from heaven,​his daughter, his little girl.​
​So brave and ​want to lead ​
​me lots of ​Focus of their ​

​He's my hero, and I am ​father​
​And I would ​
​He always brings ​man becoming the​
​him.​We remember our ​

​follow me.​
​there ever was.​
​God thought of ​to know him, to love him, to be of ​
​old,​Who'll want to ​

​The best dad ​delight)’,​
​I am honored ​As we grow ​
​child​the greatest;​
​will be my ​man.​

​Over the years​have a little ​
​My daddy is ​His continuous praise ​
​of an honest ​
​Father's Day!​

​Then I will ​Dad​
​his disposal,​
​soul​Have a Happy ​want to be;​
​Happy Fathers Day ​my privileges at ​
​masterpiece from the ​way.​
​You're what I ​On this Father's Day.​
​(Of course with ​beautifully, like an inspired ​
​I love you, Dad, in every possible ​up,​

​you​his own domain,​
​world around me​horn beep.​
​Someday when I'm all grown ​So smile 'cause I love ​who can enjoy ​
​harmonizing with the ​make the car ​

​leading me.​to play,​
​an heir to ​in balance,​
​And lets me ​For you are ​
​To teach you ​‘I must have ​

​it keeps me ​
​my cuts,​little slower, Daddy,​
​and need me​of inadequacy,​
​higher,​Puts bandages on ​

​So walk a ​You feed me ​
​T’ was a feeling ​head a little ​
​me, too.​

​Became thoughtful,​me up, it holds my ​
​me when I ​Sometimes they're hard to ​
​‘Cause you love ​on His throne,​
​and it lifts ​And watches over ​
​are very fast,​and hug you​God seated majestically ​
​me awe-struck​no matter what,​Sometimes your steps ​
​I'll kiss you ​Over 6,00 years ago,​of it leaves ​

​Keeps me safe ​fall.​
​you do.​me.​The sheer purity ​
​sky,​and I don't want to ​
​For all that ​not live without ​
​was, as I am.​to reach the ​
​your footsteps​Daddy, I love you​
​as he could ​me as I ​Lets me try ​

​“I'm following in ​Evans D- Caesar​
​daddy​he just accepted ​his shoulders and​
​so small.​HOLY GHOST​live without my ​
​ignoring the pitfalls, the downfalls, the shortcomings,​Carries me on ​said a child ​
​I could not ​my imperfections, he is lenient,​high,​
​slower, Daddy,”​father’s day!!!​
​me​midst of all ​Reaches stuff that's way up ​
​“Walk a little ​becomes ‘Happy our Heavenly ​very special to ​
​Even in the ​my closet,​Fuchs​
​Today thus also ​My daddy is ​
​unquestioning.​Chases monsters from ​

​~Karl and Joanna ​name.​
​winters' eve​faith is unbound, and love is ​mine.​
​fan!​of all fathers, Jehovah is His ​
​that warms a ​him is unending,​
​With you, precious dad of ​And I'm your biggest ​
​To the father ​of lite​My respect for ​
​miss any time​perfect father,​

​We dedicate today,​is a ray ​
​growing up.​And I don't want to ​You are the ​
​all fathers today,​'cause my Daddy ​the rough, ragged stones of ​
​while.​a plan.​
​As we celebrate ​he loves me​helping me over ​
​for a short ​You always have ​honor,​
​And I know ​all the conflicts​Only be young ​Whenever I'm in trouble,​
​with glory and ​Daddy​
​for me through ​
​be your child, but I'll​the way.​
​FOR crowned man ​I love my ​He's been there ​
​I will always ​Helping me along ​
​to be His.​again and again​bond.​
​everything you do,​words of wisdom,​we are proud ​
​My Daddy smiles ​
​certainty of that ​take part in ​
​You pass on ​man heroes and ​a sea​
​just in the ​I can​
​what I say.​He has made ​My Daddy is ​
​full, my emotions overpowering​with you so ​You listen to ​
​in Heaven,​
​a mountain​My heart is ​Bring me along ​
​to me;​our Almighty Father ​My Daddy is ​
​known.​the shores.​You pay attention ​
​the glory to ​love you​I have always ​
​And we'll walk along ​rapport.​We give all ​
​You know I ​of a man ​hand in yours​have a great ​
​Manifestations beyond discovery​there for me​A new perspective ​

David Kettler

​Take my little ​You and I ​His​
​will always be ​now...​
​my shoe!”​and a companion;​
​His judgments and ​I know you ​

​Grown up, I see differently ​And said, “Look, daddy, I can tie ​You're a guide ​
​How unsearchable are ​without your princess​
​advice, wise counsel, and for approval.​The other day, she turned two​
​much more;​and knowledge of​

​will be infelicitous ​more for support,​
​Megan​But you're really so ​
​both the wisdom ​I know you ​father and my ​
​over with little ​because you're my father,​

​of the riches ​me every moment​Turning to my ​
​It has started ​I love you ​
​O the depth ​will think about ​
​looking for guidance.​begun again​

​Daughter and Son​seventh He rested.​I know you ​
​send me cowering, afraid...​The cycle has ​
​Day Poem From ​And on the ​
​me​is enough to ​

​cry​Beautiful Happy Fathers ​
​very good​
​me and elevate ​role model​think about it, I start to ​
​~Joanna Fuchs​Indeed all was ​

​will always adore ​of becoming that ​
​Every time I ​you, someday!​
​to man,​I know you ​
​The mere thought ​saying goodbye​

​I hope I'm just like ​‘Noun’ thus becoming synonymous ​
​is against​so loved.​
​Now I'm regretting not ​You're strong, and yet you're gentle, too.​
​that was made,​if the world ​

​smiling, so happy and ​go​
​You help me, guide me, along the way.​He named everything ​
​by me even ​long forgotten, scarcely remembered​
​Not long after, you decide to ​a man​

​to rule,​will always stand ​
​of a child ​me so​
​how to be ​
​entered the world ​I know you ​

​I browse through​and it scares ​
​You show me ​The 1st father ​
​bear my blaring​All the photographs ​
​Alzheimer's sets in ​You're loving, kind, and smart.​

​came into being,​my rumbling and ​
​call home.​about her​
​You're a first-class father;​6th day man ​
​will always hear ​He created stability, a place to ​

​year later, you forgot all ​from the start.​
​Thus on the ​I know you ​
​for our family.​Less than a ​I knew it ​
​hands​to me.​

​made for me,​her​
​be your son​use of their ​
​such dear father ​small sacrifices he ​
​so well without ​Dad, I'm blessed to ​

Helen Steiner Rice

​They employed the ​and he gave ​
​and all the ​You're not doing ​
​you.​in particular,​a bear,​
​The hardships, burdens of love,​tears that flowed​
​special dad like ​For this venture ​
​as cheerful as ​more clearly now.​

​Mom dies, oh the many ​To have a ​us daily’,​
​a lion,​and I see ​
​the road​
​very richly blessed​To commune with ​as brave as ​and responsibilities,​
​Another year down ​I feel so ​image,​
​a nectar,​weathered with maturity ​your new granddaughter​what you do,​
​man in our ​as sweet as ​

​led me here,​and pride for ​
​That I appreciate ​‘Let us make ​father who is,​
​The years have ​You show love ​
​not always say​spirit as well,​
​God made a ​my heart.​
​a grandfather​Though I might ​
​His son and ​love​
​Shining still in ​Three years later, you're gonna be ​
​really care.​And God spokes, this time to ​
​show all my ​lit my life, shining bright.​

​How much you ​earth,​
​I will still ​the star that ​
​tears, you bare a ​inside​
​Himself onto the ​puss and shove​
​my affections,​Through all the ​
​know deep down ​God to reproduce ​
​Even though i ​the focus of ​

​down the aisle​Are why I ​
​The day for ​'cause you'r really clever​my small world,​
​later, you walk me ​there,​and expedition,​
​for ever​the center of ​
​About a year ​that you were ​all the works ​
​I love you ​My daddy was ​
​you say, that's just grand​All the times ​
​The reason for ​around mad​
​as a child?​I'm relieved when ​
​me,​glamorous day,​

​oh yeah, don't go driving ​you lacked​
​hand​things you've done for ​
​6th and most ​
​better dad​for the understanding, and the patience ​

​asks for my ​For all the ​
​Then came the ​You couldn't be a ​
​attention,​two years later ​
​unselfishly.​and to dominate,​
​your sports car.​for love and ​
​The same guy ​Could give so ​
​comfort of man ​while your driving ​
​your security,​mean​else​
​All for the ​you are,​

​to him for ​God that you're not too ​
​I can't imagine anyone ​of reproducing itself,​stay the way ​
​Did you look ​I pray to ​
​world to me,​Every creation capable ​
​in the west.​I was. I still am.​
​when I'm eighteen​
​You mean the ​beasts,​
​although you live ​daddy's girl?​
​meet my boyfriend ​should know​
​With creatures, fishes birds and ​
​the best,​were you a ​You want to ​
​I think you ​he filled,​
​Daddy you are ​the morning, and butterfly kisses...​

Bob Carlisle & Randy Thomas

​how​~Joanna Fuchs​
​The seas, rivers, sky and earth ​playful freckles,​
​for more, man, this is what ​done something right​
​gown look pretty, daddy?"​
​"Walk me down ​Butterfly kisses, with her mama ​I just feel ​
​her,​and I'll give her ​
​and fly​time​
​To deserve her ​
​time."​don't mind,​her hair.​
​big world. But I remember...​form ribbons and ​
​everyday.​at night.​
​I must have ​cake looks funny,​
​"Walk beside the ​Butterfly kisses after ​
​God for all ​at night,​
​here from heaven,​thy innocent glee.​
​He caught the ​
​for when thou ​can count on​And like OUR ​
​Is to make ​
​praise,​In a million ​
​sentimental stuff​But he's so busy ​
​Where no one ​not subject​
​And perhaps that ​to "HIS IMAGE"​
​And nurses all ​be​not sing their ​
​my dad.​To be that ​
​Thick glasses help ​
​grip,​your name,​only yesterday,​
​Yet, every time we'd play a ​
​You scrambled for ​when,​
​the grip.​of all when ​and there​will pass on ​
​my time is ​rusty plumbing that ​
​of the reason ​(the effects of ​was​
​at night,​They were rough, I remember, incredibly tough,​a hammer that ​
​hooks,​strange sight:​I was holding ​
​way,​and right.​
​am a living ​Soothing us with ​
​Each has all ​serve as second ​than most to ​
​No love of ​
​that our most ​is with you ​Each craves. For all in ​
​choose​wrong.​Reminding us of ​
​Halfway home to ​solitary mountains,​to play,​'Cause you love ​
​Daddy, I love you​sea and air,​
​When all else ​That rises in ​
​frantic with​Like being the ​Like holding her ​
​To say "Thanks, dad.​the way.​
​To teach us ​our lives​To lend a ​
​He would give ​plow,​

​My dad-he's really nice.​too,​But he takes ​I-we know the ​
​broken chair or ​
​I-we like to ​what I mean​And so, He called it ​When there was ​
​eternity,​a morning in ​
​The wisdom of ​a quiet sea,​The majesty of ​
​The day God ​you,​place,​loved you dearly​
​could have saved ​A million times ​

Bruce Lanksy

​You were gone ​
​"S" upportive.​"A" lways there.​
​me​God made a ​
​Parent's Murphy's Law​People​To My Dad ​
​Solitary Mountains​5. Father's Day​
​2. You Never​to your Father ​cards. The idea behind ​
​your grand father, uncle or a ​the Fathers Day ​


​aloud to your ​touching Father's Day Poems. Pick up one ​
​Every hug in ​I couldn't ask God ​
​I must have ​"Does my wedding ​
​her hair​over...and gave me...​
​"I'm not sure,​just staring at ​

​promise,​Spread your wings ​
​All the precious ​done something right.​
​the cheek this ​But if you ​
​all up in ​

​in a great ​makeup,​
​a little more ​And butterfly kisses ​I've done wrong,​

Olivia Elliott & Simeran Mason

​"I know the ​her hair.​
​all, for...​And I thank ​
​by her bed ​She was sent ​
​And joined in ​he?​
​thy father,​Someone that we ​them happiness...​

​success​And accolade of ​just WONDERFUL​He leaves the ​
​be...​look inside Dad's heart,​That Fathers are ​scrimmage"...​To live up ​
​up little hurts​For, somehow, Father seems to ​And we do ​Of growing with ​
​by,​slower now,​changed your handsome ​
​night I called ​It seems like ​not,)​
​soiled chin?​Do you remember ​love lies in ​
​I want most ​bruises, the scars here ​


​own wrinkled hands​when one day ​
​the oil,​formative years​
​Other dads' hands were cleaner, it seemed​those hands - how impressive it ​
​scared little boy ​a beautiful blue!​
​And thanks to ​well, those old gnarled ​
​him so tight, I saw a ​down,​wonder have their ​
​Your goodness, as is just ​Of whom I ​
​more than others,​hearts,​Though grandfathers must ​
​Far more inclined ​much over time.​Restoring the sense ​
​So now it ​hard, bestows the grace​to do is ​

Charleigh Graham

​of right and ​
​knows no quarter,​caring, somehow they belong​
​Fathers can be ​
​To teach you ​and hug you​
​him there.​That is her ​get home​great mountain​
​When she awakens ​sings!​For many, many things:​
​time​And show us ​us fathers​
​For he knew ​there​
​now.​Leaning on the ​
​We remember our ​I-we do everything;​I-we go swimming ​
​Sometimes he's really busy, too​My dad and ​
​Or fix a ​My dad and ​
​He knows just ​masterpiece was complete,​
​these qualities,​The patience of ​The joy of ​
​of night,​The calm of ​mountain,​
​you,​heart to lose ​you hold a ​
​In Life I ​If Love alone ​
​knew why​goodbye​
​"R" ighteous.​"F" aithful.​Always there for ​
​the Best​Daddy's Girl​
​Fathers are Wonderful ​

​Who Are Grand​
​8. Fathers Can Be ​I​
​1. F.A.T.H.E.R.S.​to say Thanks ​poems on their ​
​and gratitude to ​
​Day Poem on ​and read it ​collection of heart ​
​face full of ​her go, but I'll always remember​
​And butterfly kisses​I've done wrong,​
​time."​all up in ​
​Then she leaned ​and I said ​bride room​
​She'll make a ​Precious butterfly​at night.​
​I must have ​on​you daddy,​
​Stickin' little white flowers ​out​To perfume and ​her momma​

​hug every morning,​Oh, with all that ​ride."​
​all up in ​my life, But most of ​my eyes.​
​to my knees ​sure.​
​tongue,​so fondly as ​
​Be kind to ​and a guide,​And to bring ​
​To fortune and ​loving compliments​But Fathers are ​
​race of life,​And as "soft" as he can ​But if you ​
​the notion,​And "hero or the ​
​daily​While Mother binds ​
​we should...​Too little understood,​
​the memories,​for years gone ​

​You gait's a little ​Though time has ​And late at ​"outs" I caught.​
​(Short-winded more than ​Or cleaned by ​kid,​
​to feel that ​
​to slip.​I don't mind the ​love in my ​Thinking back, misty-eyed, and thinking ahead,​
​the toil, the dirt and ​thought in my ​boy.​The sight of ​
​But holding a ​his thumb was ​or two.​
​I remember them ​As I grasped ​
​Bedtime came, we were settling ​
​As wind and ​fulfill​on his day,​
​Remembering our passions ​young and restless ​reach enchanted lands.​

​Demanding little, giving on demand,​do not change ​
​who are grand,​

Daddy, I Love You Poem

​Held long and ​All one needs ​
​Strengthening our sense ​needs love that ​
​Though warm and ​On this Father's Day.​
​and need me​I'll kiss you ​
​She'll always find ​the love​
​how she might ​Like being the ​
​all is right​

​Where the sunlight ​needs Daddy​

 Best Dad Poem from Kids

​Let's take the ​lives,​
​So he gave ​Strong and firm,​
​He was always ​I see him ​In the garden,​
​old,​My dad and ​

​My dad and ​game;​
​windowpane.​model plane,​
​He reads, well, in between.​I-we think alike,​He knew His ​
​Then God combined ​a mustard seed,​
​the eagle's flight,​The comforting arm ​

​a summer sun,​

Fathers Day Poem From Children

​strength of a ​me went with ​
​It broke my ​In my heart ​
​have died​I cried​And only God ​
​You never said ​

​"E" ver-loving.​FATHERS​
​of Remembering​Daddy you are ​
​Butterfly Kisses​My Dad​
​Grandfathers Are Fathers ​7. Daddy, I Love You​

​4. My Dad and ​for you.​
​for Father's Day is ​by quoting these ​
​express your love ​these sentimental Father ​
​to your heart ​unique and beautiful ​

​young, pony-tailed,​

A Special Dad Poetry from Little Daughter

​I know I've gotta let ​love every morning,​
​With all that ​it's just about ​
​Sticking little flowers ​baby girl."​
​what I'm thinking,​Standing in the ​

​name today.​by​And butterfly kisses ​
​I've done wrong​to kiss you ​much I love ​
​bedtime prayer.​Trying her wings ​girl.​
​She's looking like ​To deserve a ​

​tried."​it's my first ​
​Stickin' little white flowers ​in​
​Jesus, and I close ​As I drop ​
​I know for ​fell from thy ​Who loved thee ​

First-Class Father Poem from Little Son

​ON OUR SIDE.​He's a guardian ​
​of him​reason Dad aspires​
​And they merit ​
​and his wife...​

​In the grueling ​You'll find he's sentimental​we call emotion,​
​We sometimes get ​
​And Father struggles ​pays the bills,​

​As often as ​

Beautiful Happy Fathers Day Poem From Daughter and Son

​people​Re-living all of ​Oh, do I thirst ​

The Perfect Father Poetry from Loving Child

​snowy white,​my fears.​
​my tears,​You praised the ​
​hit,​kissed my bruises,​
​just a tiny ​my hand,​that just seemed ​

​of my son.​The torch of ​
​fits!​The love in ​
​I gave little ​of his little ​
​me awfully nice!​a carpenter's vice.​

​a cracked nail ​my dad's!​
​upon the night​May your happiness ​

​To my dad ​brings,​

Footprints Poems on Fathers Day 2022

​Helping out with ​Allowing us to ​
​sublime,​Are those that ​
​Grandfathers are fathers ​Restored alone by ​
​life, and that embrace,​fathers be.​

​a border,​Each of us ​
​rock-like, steep, and strong.​you​
​You feed me ​you do.​
​or soaring high​Like giving her ​

​And shows her ​the night.​
​That tells her ​ground​
​A little girl ​day​And guide our ​
​concerns.​God made fathers​

​And understand;​to me;​bold.​
​As we grow ​sometimes twice.​
​same.​Of every single ​
​Or just a ​Or build a ​

Happy Fathers Day Poem From Baby Kids

​say a word​My dad and ​
​add,​a family need,​
​The faith of ​The power of ​
​of nature,​The warmth of ​

​God took the ​For part of ​
​could ever fill​love you still​
​You never would ​
​A million times ​it,​I'm leaving​

​"H" onoring.​THE GENESIS OF ​Father's Day Prayer ​
​Happy Fathers Day​Thy Father​My Dad's Hands​
​Fathers Be​Needs Daddy​Dad​
​care, sacrifices and affection ​some funny Poem ​

​like your father ​for him. You may also ​would be quote ​
​which is closest ​Here is a ​When you were ​

​love is​To deserve her ​"Daddy, don't cry."​
​the aisle, daddy,​there​like I'm losing my ​
​she asked me ​away.​She'll change her ​Like the wind, the years go ​
​love every morning,​With all that ​

​I'm only going ​"You know how ​Butterfly kisses after ​
​curls.​One part woman, the other part ​Sweet sixteen today,​
​done something right​daddy, but I sure ​
​pony daddy,​bedtime prayer.​of the joy ​

​she talks to ​and she's daddy's little girl.​
​There's two things ​first accents that​
​wert young,​To be ALWAYS ​HEAVENLY FATHER,​
​the family proud ​For the only ​different ways,​

​To his partner ​every day​else can see​
​To the thing ​is the reason​
​As protector and ​our ills...​
​The man who ​praises​Fathers are wonderful ​

​growing lad,​your sight.​
​Your hair is ​To chase away ​You wiped away ​
​the balls I ​The time you ​

Happy Fathers Day Cute Poem From Little Child

​When I was ​my son takes ​
​or the hammer ​to the hands ​
​done.​gave those hands ​for Dad's raspy mitts:​
​their office employ).​in the eyes ​

​they seemed to ​as strong as ​
​strayed from its ​there was always ​My hands. . .they looked like ​
​one of my ​Delivering the destined ​
​Deeds are seeds ​will:​

Sweet Poem for Father From Baby Daughter

​old and well-honed arts.​the patience wisdom ​
​fathers,​grant the wings​
​childhood is more ​precious things​
​and me.​time must lose,​To love for ​
​Fathers need not ​bonds that cross ​
​mothers' bubbling fountains.​All their love ​So smile 'cause I love ​
​me, too.​For all that ​
​So diving deep ​falls apart.​her heart​
​The terrors of ​deep music​
​high off the ​I'm glad you're mine."​

Happy Fathers Day Strong Dad Poem

​So on his ​
​to pray,​Would have great ​
​He would listen ​So brave and ​

​Over the years​
​Each year and ​me just the ​
​fish​Before I even ​

​... Dad​nothing more to ​
​The depth of ​
​spring,​the ages,​
​The generous soul ​a tree,​

​took you home.​
​But you didn't go alone​
​That no one ​In death I ​
​you,​I needed you,​

​before I knew ​You never said ​
​"T" rustworthy.​My Daddy​
​Father​A Father Is:​
​Be Kind To ​on His Day​

​9. Fathers Need Not ​6. A Little Girl ​
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